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Selected paintings are available in the following galleries:

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The most important exhibitions:

1986 Krakow, Poster Gallery – group exhibition,

1988 Krakow, Academy of Fine Arts - group exhibition,
1998 Frankfurt, Tendence – design exhibition,
1999 Frankfurt, Ambiente – design exhibition,
1999 Frankfurt, Tendence – design exhibition,
2006 Plock, Gallery No. 3 – collective exhibition,
2015 Warsaw, Ether Gallery – individual exhibition,
2017 Kansas City, Eva Reynolds Fine Art. Gallery – collective exhibition,

2019 Niepolomice, Galeria na Schodach, Laboratorium Aktywnosci Spolecznej OPEN SPACE – exhibition of two artists OBRAZ (PO)RUSZA,

2019 Barcelona, International Contemporary Art Fair - ArtBaho 2019 8th Edition

2019 Vienna, KreativRaum Galerie - collective exhibition

2019 Warsaw, Targi Sztuki Dostępnej - contemporary art fair

2020 Barcelona, Art Nou Millenni Gallery - collective exhibition

2020 Targi Sztuki Dostępnej Spring 2020 ONLINE - contemporary art fair

2021 Milan, ROMANTICA Shape of my art, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery - collective exhibition

2021 Florence, XIII Florence Biennale - International Biennal of Contemporary Art

2022 Rome, MUSA International, We Contemporary

2023 Florence, XIV Florence Biennale - International Biennal of Contemporary Art

2023, Rome, MUSA International, ROME ART EXPO Autumn Edition

Fotorelation from Florence Biennale - 2021, Florence, XIII Florence Biennale Art and Design
Digital video exhibition 'ROMANTICA Shape of my art' - 2021, Milan, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery
Photorelation from contemporary art fair 'Targi Sztuki Dostępnej' - 2019, Warsaw, BABKA Event Space
Photorelation from the 'Horizonte' exhibition - 2019, Vienna, KreativRaum Galerie (photos by Natalia Biegaj and KreativRaum Galerie)