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Dariusz Biegaj, Master of Arts (born in 1961 in Żywiec) - Polish contemporary artist dealing with visual art, interior design and industrial design. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow ( in 1988).

In his paintings, he mainly depicts nature, architecture and people by painting them in his favorite technique, acrylic and oil on canvas. His works are currently in collections in Poland, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Hungary and the USA.

He cooperates with art galleries in Poland and abroad, for years taking part in national and international projects. As a designer, he exhibited his works at international fairs in Poland, Germany and Italy, he participated in the conservation of monuments in Poland, Slovakia and Sweden. The artist created and ran his own design and advertising company. One of his greatest successes is entering the American art market.  

The full list of exhibitions with photo reports is available in the Exhibitions tab.

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Artistic Creation

Dariusz Biegaj creates decorative art, presenting nature in a pure form. His work can be described as a set of stopped frames from visited places processed by specific painter’s filters. He is mostly inspired by journeys and his own garden, subjected to careful observation.


The painting compositions are thoroughly prepared, so they have a slightly graphic design feature. The artist uses the strong contrasts of chiaroscuro and distinct colors. Thanks to the mentioned means of expression, he has the opportunity to show his fascination with the world of plants and animals, so-called microhabitats.


The nature lover focuses on creating a cycle of complex compositions that perfectly fit into the idea of modern interior design.


'Years ago, I chose two creative directions - design and art. However, since 2014, most of my time has been devoted to decorative art, showing nature in its pure form. My works can be described as frozen in time frames of the places I have visited. Each of them was passed through specific paint filters.

My work on a painting begins with careful observation of the place where I am. Then I photograph the surroundings and organisms that delighted me. They form the basis for a further transformation into a painting on canvas. These paintings are characterized by romantic realism. I use light and shade contrasts and a sophisticated color palette to show my fascination with the world.   

I am inspired by symbolist artists such as Jacek Malczewski, surrealists such as Salvador Dali and secessionists - Gustav Klimt. I also often return to the drawings by Franciszek Starowieyski or the sketches of the legendary Michelangelo.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Instagram: @dariuszbiegajpaintings

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